Where do you get your glass from?

Most of my glass is from old casement windows and doors, items that I source from demolition yards, tip shops and the occasional roadside find. I will advice by every item if it's repurposed or new glass.

Due to the glass being repurposed,  it may have minor flaws and scratches, it's all part of the history of the glass. A lot of these flaws are not noticeable due to the heavy textures of glass.

How do I look after my suncatcher?

Its best to hang your suncatcher inside or under cover on a veranda, be careful with heavy winds. The solder will dull over time, you can use a soft polish cloth and buff it till it shines, you may use Pledge polish, or a bit of carnauba wax. Do not use water or cleaning chemicals as that may affect the patina. Every item comes with a care instruction card.

When will my order be posted?

Within 3-5 days of purchase,  unless you choose express post,  then it will be posted the day after purchase.

What if my item is damaged or lost?

Items up to a $100 are automatically insured with postage, if you would like your item insured please contact me after purchase and it can be arranged.

I am not responsible for items lost with Australia post. Please contact Australia post to lodge an investigation to a missing parcel.

In the unlikely event of a broken item on arrival please take a photo and send it to me, and we will work out a solution. I say unlikely, as the item is very secure packaged, and I've only experienced a couple of breaks in the early days of my business. 

Do you post international?

Yes I do, I have send all over the world without breakages. If you would like to add insurance to your piece please contact me and I will add it. Australia Post covers items up to $100

How do I hang my stained glass piece?

I would advice sturdy nails or cuphooks, I myself hang my pieces on a S-hook from the curtain rods. I advice against suction cups as they are unreliable and might not be strong enough to hold bigger pieces. 

How about lead safety?

All my suncatchers contain lead, lead is only dangerous when inhaled or ingested. Washing hands after handling the item should be sufficient precaution. Best to keep your item out of reach from children and pets. 

Will it look the same as the photo?

The magical thing about glass is, and that's why I love working with it, is that it constantly changes with the light. Colours may vary from photo depending on the background. But the good thing is that everyone always tells me that their item looks so much more beautiful in real life.