Retro vibes

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Stained glass art retro inspired sun.

Made with  repurposed vintage textured casement window glass incl Muranese,  Arctic, cosmos and new opaque pink glass

Suncatcher is placed in a hardwood stand made of a weathered casement window showing its history and the raw edges finished with tung oil to highlight the beauty of the natural timber.

 There may be lines, bubbles, marks, uneven textures, folds and patterns in the glass, this is part of the process of making glass and its history, please enjoy it as part of its uniqueness. 

The dates on the old photos show the time of registration of the pattern or some of the old photos show the date of the published source, which could be different from the earliest production date. Many popular patterns have been produced for decades and a few patterns are still in production. However there is a clear difference between glass that has been produced in the last 20 years in the quality/ depth of the textures.